Wine Mate

Born from a real South African story

Leading with passion

Far from seasoned wine connoisseurs… but the knowledge goes beyond knowing how to taste wine and rather having a deep appreciation to the nostalgia and sentiment that goes hand in hand with sharing a good bottle of South African wine with friend and family.

Connection to land

The appreciation began with the exploration of the wine making process on our grandfather’s farm. A winemaker knows a little bit about many different subjects and hours would be spent listening, smelling and tasting the fortified fruit in the dusty cellars with a cherry spice aroma.

There is a strong connection to the land and to the location from which the wine comes. To see a product of South African soil be transformed into lasting memories… this love became deeper and the appreciation stronger when we moved 11 000km away.

Dedication to quality

Sharing quality wine

Wine has a multidimensional approach to igniting emotional response by making use of so many senses. The colours can be so lucid and always bring the glass to life. You can taste the texture, the body, and tannin leaving a tactile impression on your tongue. When you come across a good bottle, it is that first sniff that lets you know that something special is happening and boy can a sniff bring back vivid memories. For us, wine is not just a drink but rather a story, the warm sentimental feelings, the family dinners and gets togethers, the good times, the bad. We want to embrace the connection, the emotional connection and also want to share this. Life is a journey, accept what life presents to you and try drink from every cup…

- Cheers


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